Precision Leveling Mounts

The MHD leveling element is ideal for machines exerting significant vertical and horizontal forces, where a secure, high-precision connection between the bedding element and machine is required. The unique design absorbs impulses and shock in high-speed machinery, where damping is critical.

The Sunnex MHD consists of the following components: impact housing, pressure plate, pressure cylinder and integrated adjustable screw with nut and washer. This patented design is the key to providing 1/100mm leveling accuracy over the entire 30mm range. An integral locking device prevents the MHD from coming apart during installation or relocation of the machine. It maintains excellent horizontal dynamic stability and features a specially designed damping pad that effectively isolates supported machinery.

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  • Excellent horizontal dynamic stability
  • Reduced overall height
  • Unique, patented leveling range up to 30mm
  • Effective machinery isolation allows increased production output
  • Ease of machine mobility
  • Minimal lateral deflection
  • Fine height adjustment under full load


  • Injection Molders
  • Granulators
  • Machine Tools
  • Extrusion Machines
  • Blow Molder

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ITEM NO.MODELLOAD (lbs.)HEIGHT (in.)Adjustment, ADiameter, DThread Type d x lLength, L
48003MHD 130 3,300 2.360.75.5M16-1.5 x 1504.33
48006MHD 165 6,000 0.956.85M20-1.5 x 1504.15
48009MHD 190 8,800 4.8
48012MHD 240 12,000 x 1503.54

Additional Bolt Lengths Available

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