Machine Vibration Pads

Sunnex SP machine vibration pads are used in many areas of industry to insulate machinery against the adverse effects of impact, vibration, and structure-borne noise, and also to prevent slipping.

There are 5 types of SP machine vibration pads to choose from, each with its own specific hardness, natural frequency, and load-bearing characteristics.

SP machine vibration pads are resistant to all types of grease, acid, oil, and cooling emulsion normally encountered in manufacturing environments. The pad also provides an excellent tolerance to a wide range of temperature variations. All SP machine vibration pads are made of special nitrile rubber, a material containing no PVC or silicon.

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  • Easily designed to meet thickness shape and requirements
  • High resistance to grease, acid, oil, and cooling emulsions
  • Significantly reduces vibration
  • Easily sized for different configurations
  • Unique cell design offsets pad deflection


  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Engine compressors
  • Available in 18 x 18"

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Item No. Model No. Color Load (psi) Thickness (in) Length (in) Width (in)
10710 SP-710 Gray 25 0.31 17.8 17.8
10711 SP-711 Brown 50
10712 SP-712 Blue 100
10713 SP-713 Black 200
10714 SP-714 Green 300

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